Using Inferno to serve files to Plan 9 in Qemu

Venkatesh Srinivas has posted a very brief guide that lets you serve files from Inferno to Plan 9 in Qemu.

I run Plan 9 in qemu, but I run neither fossil nor any other (major) disk file server in qemu. Instead, I have Inferno on my host serve files to Plan 9.

To accomplish this:

  1. I installed Plan 9, as normal, into a qemu disk image, with fossil as my fileserver
  2. I tarred up my root and copied it to my host
  3. I patched the 9 boot program to accept a file server on port 6666 rather than 564 (styx instead of 9fs)
  4. I untarred the root fs and had Inferno: ‘styxlisten -A tcp!*!6666 export /plan9’
  5. Start the both (qemu and inferno) together.
  6. Profit!

Original 9fans post.

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