New alpha driver for Marvell Yukon 2 Ethernet

Erik released a new alpha driver for Marvell Yukon 2 Ethernet NICs.

From: erik quanstrom <quanstro@qua...>
Subject: yukon 2 alpha driver
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 18:15:50 -0500

is anyone interested in testing a marvell yukon 2
driver?  i am currently working with a 88e5057
(1186/4b00, dge-560t).  but most single-port yukon 2
parts should work fine.  if so. please contact me
off list.

- erik

You can install it from contrib with

   term% contrib/install quanstro/yuk

This will install two files, etheryuk.c and yukdump.h, into your /sys/src/9/pc directory.

Edit /sys/src/9/pc/pcf and add the following line to the list of Ethernet devices:

          etheryuk             pci

After that compile your new kernel by running

   mk 'CONF=pcf'

Then copy the new kernel into /n/9fat and boot with it.

On my ASUS A8R32-MVP with 88E8053 chip the following new device will now show up:

   #l0: yuk: 1000Mbps port 0xDFEFC000 irq 4: 00173137b3d3

I tested it during the last several days and it works great, good work!

Please send your feedback and bug reports to Erik.

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