Plan 9 in GSoC - get your apps in now!

Plan 9 has been accepted this year as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code. The Plan 9 group accepts projects related to Plan 9 and related technologies such as Inferno, Plan 9 from User Space, v9fs, 9vx, and Glendix.

If you’re a student and you like any of these technologies you should apply immediately to GSoC with your project proposal(s). Time is running out: the deadline for student applications is April 3, 19:00 UTC. Comments will be possible after that point, but the application may not be edited after that date.

We’re happy to entertain any ideas related to these technologies, and we’ve got a page of suggestions for you to consider. Write up a proposal for one of them

On the off chance (hah!) that Plan 9 doesn’t have what you’re looking for this summer, check out the list of other organizations participating. GSoC is a really great program, but you’ve got to move fast if you’re interested. Get moving!

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