Grab bag of goodies

Here are some recent interesting contributions:

Mathieu Lonjaret(aka lejatorn in irc) has completed a new port of Ogg/Vorbis, libogg and libvorbis in particular and the ‘sample’ encoder and decoder included with the libraries. The source can be found at: /n/sources/contrib/anothy/ufo/

John Floren has posted some scripts used for the generation of the plots in the devtrace paper that should help with the processing of devtrace output. You can get them at: /n/sources/contrib/john/devtrace-scripts.tgz

Alex Efros (aka powerman in irc) built an initial Inferno package for Gentoo Linux. The package is built from the latest Inferno source tip plus a couple of extra patches; and for now can be found as part of his overlay. He is also looking for feedback before pushing the package to the more official ‘sunrise overlay’, you can contact him at or find him in the #inferno freenode irc channel.

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