Installing ‘Standard’ Inferno Fonts

Update: sqweek has been kind enough to ignore some dumb laws and conveniently host a copy of the fonts for easy download at Thanks!

The original Inferno fonts are not free (as in freedom) and can only be distributed together with the ‘official’ Inferno distribution.

Because of this restriction the source distribution and other derivative Inferno packages can’t include fonts, and if you have built Inferno from source many applications wont work.

Here is a script by caerwyn that used to be included with acme-sac which will download the fonts from VitaNuova’s site and install them:

    load std

    if {ftest -d /fonts/lucidasans}{
            echo 'error: /fonts directory already exists'

    mkdir /fonts
    mkdir /tmp/inferno
    cd /tmp/inferno

    webgrab -v -r -o - > inferno.tgz
    gunzip <inferno.tgz > inferno.tar
    gettar < inferno.tar
    gunzip <install/inferno/1178807193.gz >install/inferno/1178807193
    archfs -m mnt/wrap install/inferno/1178807193 /fonts
    cp -r mnt/wrap/fonts/* /fonts

    unmount mnt/wrap
    rm -rf /tmp/inferno

It is strongly recommended that anyone working on Inferno-based projects replaces the ‘standard’ fonts with a free set of fonts like acme-sac has eventually done by using the Vera font set.

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