Новый nupas

Erik Quanstrom продолжает работать над “следующим поколением” upas MTA - nupas. Он залил обновления, как обычно, в /n/sources/contrib/quanstro/src/nupas.

Изменения включают упрочнение upas/fs и системы доставки, документацию для mdir и splitmbox (плюс скрипт splitmbox). Кроме того продолжает развиваться imap4d: он уже способен осчастливить Apple Mail и Firebird, Outlook и Opera тоже работают.

Полный анонс, отправленный им в 9fans:

i pushed a new version of nupas out to /n/sources/contrib/quanstro/src/nupas. the upas/fs and delivery system have been significantly hardened since last time i mentioned it.

i pushed man pages for mdir and splitmbox (as well as the splitmbox script) to the bits directory. nupas still installs itself to /$objtype/bin/nupas so you will need to modify mknupas to install it as the default mail system.

imap4d has come around quite nicely and seems to be largely agreeing with apple mail and firefox. limiting testing with outlook and opera has been successful. mail boxes with spaces, as silly email clients are wont to create are supported even with fs not supporting spaces in file names. (my apologies.)

(most of the problem was with the LIST and LSUB commands which i found never worked correctly for some common queries. e.g. “lsub inbox*”.)

while migration is not complete, nupas does have users with mailboxes with as many as 8,500 messages and as large as 1GB.

questions and comments welcome.


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