New 9front release “9FRONT NUCLEAR WINTER OF CODE”


direct download

kernel and drivers

kernel: increase size of palloc.mem[] user page bank array

kernel: reduce Page structure size by changing Page.cachectl[]

kernel: make pagereclaim() a bit less stupid

kernel: maintain Pool.curalloc for poolallocalign() and blockgrow()

pc, pc64: fix intrdisable() MaxIrqLAPIC -> MaxVectorAPIC (thanks mischief)

pc, pc64: simplify intrdisable()

pc64: enable uartisa in default config

zynq: fix print format warning in screeninit()

zynq: do fixed mapping for ocm memory on boot and make kaddr() and paddr() work with it

devmnt: remove unused mntstats fields from Mntrpc

devusb: fix debug ctl nil crash

devusb: check for nil hp->dump and hp->seprintep

igfx: add 0x2a02 for Intel GM965/GL960/X3100

igfx: displayport support for ivy bridge

usbehci: initial support for usb on zynq, remove uncached.h

wifi: ignore truncated tlv in beacon/probes; fix recvbeacon()


libc: check name in getvent()/putenv()

libdraw: cleanup getsubfont()

libdraw: check fontchar count in openmemsubfont() and readsubfont()

libdraw: use readn() to read headers and Fontchar array

libdraw: use multiple read() calls in openfont() to read .font file

libdraw: font->display->defaultsubfont vs. display->defaultsubfont, dead code, malloc erros

libsec: add TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA client cipher suit support

libthread: use devdup instead of mounting pipe to /mnt/temp for close-on-exec in procexec()

libthread: remove unused internal functions and old xinc assembler files


[125678kqv][cl]: fix sprint() and strcpy() buffer overflows

6c: eleminate more MOV instructions

6c: fix missing memset in Bconv()

6l: no need to emit rex.w prefix for MOVBQZX and MOVWQZX

auth/factotum: factotum: cleanup getnvramkey()

auth/userpasswd: add to mkfile to build by default

aux/vga: cleanup vesa code

aux/vga: use optional edid information to determine mode when vgadb fails

aux/vga: remove vbs/vbe from mode, use shs/ehs when sync is ment, prefer detailed timing in edid

aux/vga: dont error when vesa setscale fails after modeset (thanks rx9p for reporting)

fplot: add modulus % operator

gs: work arround broken xref table pdfs

gs: backport aes support for pdf-1.6

gs: backport 16MB string support

ircrc: dont require nick and user to be the same for auth/userpasswd (thanks spew)

jpg: handle progressive non-interleaved mode

kbdfs: work around qemu

leak: report alloc size mismatch

mothra: add side scrolling, controlled by left and right buttons on the keyboard. if desired, x-scrollbar can be set visible via the visxbar variable in mothra.c. (thanks, jpm_)

nusb/usbd: fix typo in debug prints, dont use %U format as its not installed

tlssrv: fix usage, dont cat

tlssrv: produce meaningfull error message when unable to read certificate

vc: eleminate strcpy in multab code

webfs: check $httpproxy and error when its bogus

wc: extend for 21 bit runes

added games/c64: Commodore 64 emulator

manual pages, documentation, misc.

fortunes: The NTP codebase is larger than the SSH codebase.

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