New 9front release “(no plan9 to hand)”


direct download

kernel and drivers:

kernel: remove implicit Proc* argument from procctl()

kernel: make use of nil vs 0 consistent in qio.c (sorry)

pc, pc64: provide access to embedded controller with #P/ec file

pc, pc64: command flag sometimes doesnt reset, just check for IBF

pc, pc64: preserve last KB of conventional memory (might contain bios tables)

pc, pc64: more conservative pcirouting

pc, pc64: add and enable ethervirtio driver

pc: get rid of fixed 8MB memory map (now dynamically between 4 to 16 MB depending on kernel size)

pc64: get rid of fixed 8MB INIMAP and dynamically map KZERO-end in l.s

bootfs: remove disk/kfs fileserver, nobody uses it

bootrc: handle multiple fs and auth addresses in netboot, always set auth= in /net/ndb

bootrc: preserve #ec/fs (thanks _sl)

bootrc: add ndb/dnsgetip resolver to bootfs so domain names can be used for fs=, auth= and secstore= (thanks mischief)

devproc: reset p->pdbg under p->debug qlock in procstopwait()

devsegment: fix segmentcreate function signature

ip: implement “hangup” ctl for udp protocol

audiohda: add pci ids for Intel 8 Series Lynx Point (thanks quux)

ether8169: add support for RTL8411B (thanks quux)

add ethervirtio driver


abaco: cleanup, handle image/x-icon, don’t use backspace as a hotkey, and remove urlconvience()/related functions

factotum: accept multiple bootstrap auth servers in /net/ndb and -a arguments

games/md, games/snes: fix memory leak on resize

games/md, games/snes: flush screen in parallel to audio (fixes buffer underruns on x200s)

games/md: fix interlace at scale 2

games/snes: save more audio state

games/snes: fix extern pic declaration to match reality

games/snes: do message display in screenproc

hpost: fix multipart/form variable name mangeling when field value contains newlines

hpost: break up tags with newlines to avoid sed line buffer limit

httpfile: use webfs, fix 9p flushes

inst: copy efi bootloader in bootsetup

io: add -E flag to access embedded controller space

ip/ipconfig: treat /32 mask as /0

ircrc: don’t quit on blank line (thanks Ray)

ndb/dns: ignore terminating authoritative flag for no-answer when more nameservers are provided

secstore: allow multiple server addresses in $secstore and multiple -s arguments

sed: fix error handling for “Output line too long” and other stuff

upas/fs: handle cwfs “file is locked” error message

upas/smtpd: accept literal ipv6 addresses in HELO/EHLO

upas/smtpd: cleanup hello() domain check code

wpa: fix quoting for essid with spaces

wpa: handle essid: with whitespaces from ether ifstats file

add ndb/dnsgetip program to resolve A and AAAA records during bootstrapping


libc: allow dial to be interrupted

libc: improve dial error handling

libc: import cleaned up syslog() function from sources

libdraw: fix atomouse

rootstub: create /sys/src/pkg and /sys/lib/pkg directories


fortunes: (no plan9 to hand)

nintendo(1): document games/gba

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