From: Francisco J Ballesteros
Date: Fri, 23 May 2014 13:54:27 +0200
To: Fans of the OS Plan 9 from Bell Labs
Subject: [9fans] OT: clive


we have been working on a new system, named Clive,
it’s written in Go and includes its new weird file protocol, named zx.
I thought that some of you might be interested, so I’m writing this mail.

The page has links to everything, and,
to avoid noise in 9fans, we will make any further announce regarding
clive at the clivezx google group created for that purpose.

We are using some parts of the system already, but, it’s an ongoing
work on a new research system, beware :-).

Also, we are going to make it run on a modified nix kernel,
but that’s not yet done. Although it will make it more related to 9.


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