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kernel and drivers:

bcm: added getrevision() to vcore which allows you to get the raspberry pi board revision

pc, pc64: handle sse simd exceptions

pc64: increase sizes of physical memory bank maps

pc64: fix embrassing typo in mmuzap()

kernel: always reset notepending in eqlock, handle forceclosefgrp in eqlocks

kernel: stop queue bloat before allocating blocks

devgpio: added new device for rpi gpio (thanks Krystian!)

devmnt: abandon fid on botched Tclunk or Tremove

sdiahci: fix (unused) hba reset function (thanks erik quanstro)

sdide: never timeout or retry scsi commands from the controller driver

compilers and debuggers:

6c, 8c: fix peephole bug for eleminating CMPL $0,R after shift

cc: fix spurious warning on comparsion with scope redeclared variable (thanks aiju)

1l, 2l, 7l, kl, vl: add missing setmalloctag() dummy in compat.c


abaco: need more stack on amd64

cwfs: fix 1GB memsize limitation

games/doom: get rid of floating point code for division

gs: fix truetype interpreter for amd64

gs: remove PStorage data type from ttf interpreter

gs: fix /undefined in –setcolor– errors on amd64

hgfs: avoid revlogupdate() calls when reading root (thanks burnzez)

htmlfmt: use uhtml for character set conversion

ip/ipconfig: fix dhcp watch

play: set user-agent, otherwise server thinks we'r mozilla m(

samterm: free() after getenv()

samterm: fix esc, make ctrl+b change focus to command window

sed: remove unused ecmp function

tail: seek to EOF to check if seekable. fixes tail on /proc files

tail: fix follow for empty files (thanks cinap_lenrek)

tcs: fix inplace 16 bit unicode conversion

tcs: handle surrogate pairs

uniq: use Bsize for buffers

usps: remove redundant uhtml pipeline

webfs: use mozilla compatible user agent as default

wc: simplify and avoid buffer overflow on long filenames


libbio: do not leak memory if realloc fails

libbio: Brdstr, Bopen: set malloc tag to the caller

libbio: bio.h: add varargck argpos pragma for Berror

libip: use snprint() in myetheraddr() to prevent accidents

libthread: thread.h: varargck argpos for threadsetname


samterm: document ctrl+b

uniq: document -s option (thanks heaumer)

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