New 9front release “опен-сссл”


direct download

kernel and drivers:

kernel: devproc: change address format in segment file to %8p (thanks eekee)

kernel: icmp: use snprint, add more unreachable error messages (from erik quanstro)

kernel: fix printing wrong memory sizes in pageinit(), overflowed on amd64 (thanks aram)

kernel: add secstore and wpa to bootfs

pc, pc64: process acpi interrupt source override entries in a 2nd pass over the madt (APIC) table (thanks erik)

pc64: prevent dat.h from getting overwritten by ../pc/dat.h

nusb/kb: fix trackpoint on thinkpad usb keyboard

nusb: dont include <bio.h>, we'r not using it (thanks erik)

nusb/ether: add RNDIS support (tested on Nexus 5)

nusb: resolve endpoint id conflict with different input and output types

nusb: workaround for endpoints with same index but different types

pmmc: recognize generic mmc controllers (untested)

vga: add support nVidia 7600GS (and possibly 7950) (from kenji okamoto)

wifi: set ether->mbps to highest supported rate of the associated ap

etheriwl: set msb for all rates

etheriwl: add Wifi Link 5150 did

etheriwl: support another (broken) variant of centrino ultimate-n 6300

compilers and debuggers:

6c, 8c: optimize away CMPL/CMPQ reg, $0 instruction in peephole pass


aanuke: new program, print commands to kill idle aan processes

audio/oggdec: wait for pcmconv child process to exit

auth/login: find authdom instead of using hardcoded (thanks erik)

btc mkfile: mkdir -p

eqn: fix parallel build (thanks eekee)

games/gb: better video scaler from games/nes

games/geigerstats: fix usage() to exit

games/snes: improved cpu timing

games/snes: fix dspclock signed overflow (music stoping for minute)

games/snes: upsample audio to 44100 hz instead of setting audio device frequency

games/snes: faster scaling

games/snes: mode 5/6; overscan fix

grep: fix wrong rlcass splitting (thanks erik and kenji)

grep: fix tab2, use int instead of Rune to be compatible to 16bit rune system

newt: new program, NNTP client for use with nttpfs(4)

ramfs: fix srvname; postmountsrv() already prepends /srv/

sam, acme: fix character classes quoting for 21-bit runes

secstore: fix gfile/pfile/rfile array sizes

secstore: fix wrong “readnvram %r” error status

termrc, cpurc: exclude wpa from oom kill and swap

tr: fix 4-byte runes fix (thanks rsc)

webfs: do not unescape escape

wpa support for tcp boot, remove duplicate secstore code from factotum


libauthsrv: recognize amd64 $cputype in readnvram() to look for default locations

libc: allow announce address of the form #I1/tcp!*!564

libmach: fix printing of amd64 modrm byte register with rex prefix

libmemdraw: improve readbyte() and writebyte() routines

libsec: tlshand: fix memory leaks, fix alloc element size for certs pointer array, error handling, cleanup 36 -> MD5dlen+SHA1dlen

vgadb: add EIZO Flexscan S2231W (from kenji okamoto)


aan(8): add aanuke and HISTORY

draw(2): fix missing arg of bezspline on page 5

games(1): geigerstats args

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