Fix Go on Plan 9 or else

Go team member Brad Fitzpatrick has proposed dropping Plan 9 support for the Go. 1.3 release:

This is a discussion about dropping broken and unmaintained Go ports
from the main tree once the Go 1.3 tree opens.

Specifically, I propose deleting plan9 and dragonfly support.  Neither
has many users, nor are they running a builder at

Both can be maintained by their respective communities out-of-tree.

Once those communities have builders running and passing all tests,
they can be considered for inclusion back in the tree.  This is
similar to the "tiny" runtime and NaCl support which were once in the
tree but now exist only in the hg history.

The community has responded by setting up a Google Group and IRC channel to coordinate work on the port:!forum/go-plan9

#go-plan9 on freenode

Edit: Plan 9 has been added to

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