More 4th IWP9 info and Call for Papers

Erik Quanstrom has announced further details about the next International Workshop for Plan 9 and Inferno.

The official dates are from October 21 to 23 and the event will be hosted by the great folks at Coraid.

Papers in the usual Plan 9 style should be sent to iwp9paper at by the end of August. Work In Progress reports are also encouraged in a similar format to the papers but limited to less than three pages (and the deadline for this is instead the fifth of October).

The registration deadline for attending the workshop is 28th of September, attendance is free, as usual, just remember to bring your Glenda t-shirt ;)

For the full details see the official website and the 2009 page at

Update: Corrected dates, they are from Wednesday 21 to Friday 23, not 22-24 as had been reported earlier.

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