Big Blue calls for Interns from Outer Space

Eric Van Hensbergen of IBM is looking for interns to hack on Glenda-related projects:

A 6 month position working on Plan 9 stuff for a DOE project (

The period would be some time between Sept of this year and August of next.

Requirements: A strong background in C programming, ideally with Plan 9 and/or Inferno experience. Graduate students or post graduates are preferred.

Interested parties need to send their resume and availability before June 2, 2009, and will need to be interviewed by phone by the end of next week.

There will be a second position for for a separate (but somewhat related) 3 month project in the future, more info will be posted when available, it will probably be during the summer of 2010.

You can send your resumes and recommendation letters to ericvh(a)gmail(.)com

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