New Plan 9 programming intro

Pietro Gagliardi has written a basic introduction to C programming in Plan 9, while not extensive, it should help programmers comming from other environments get up to speed with some fundamental concepts and tools.

It includes sections covering: compilation, linking, Unicode/UTF-8 strings, buffered I/O, process management and notes.

A PDF version can be found in sources at: /n/sources/contrib/pietro/programming.pdf And an html version can be found in the doc archive.


By: yosyp (Thu Feb 12 22:45:07 GMT 2009)
Cool! The html version has some weird characters and minor formatting issues, but the content is useful.

By: uriel (Mon Aug 24 10:33:36 GMT 2009)
Hummm... I'm not sure what might be the issue, htmlroff acts in mysterious ways.

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