Inferno DS gets a x6 perf boost

Salva Peiró continues his amazing work on Inferno port to the Nintendo DS and has announced in the inferno-ds google group that after enabling the MPU (ARM CP15 Protection Unit) and caches, he measured a six fold performance improvement.

His perception is “that it’s similar in speed [to] launching emu on a standard pc (2 or 3 years old).”

And this is all without JIT, which gives extra margin for improvement in case it is ever needed.

He finishes mentioning “I was worried about the performance one could achieve running Inferno on the DS, needless to say now all my worries about that have disappeared.

Shortly afterwards he posted a reply to his announcement saying that he still want to test the changes a bit more before committing them to the official repo, but he attached a patch for everyone interested to test.

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